ECU repairs

Repair of units DIM - combi instrument - instrument panel The dashboard of the Volvo MY 1999-2007 type S60, V70II, XC70II, S80, XC90 has the following problems: Fast running clock Failing gauge needles Extinguishing…

V90CC MY2019 Video in motion and PilotAssist

How to activate video in motion in all SPA/CMA models and retrieve the Pilot Assisst (Autopilot) function:  In order for you to get this function you need to obtain the CEM PIN code, which is done by using our VDASH PRO Verified dealer (red flag)!…


Description of Volvo platforms: How to unlock the VEA engine control unit (ECM):

Sensus connect - Navigation activation with VDASH

If there's Sensus connect installed in your vehicle and you are able to see this message once having pushed the NAV button or it simply appears in VDASH, it means that your vehicle has a navigation map for certain regions or countries in places…

Bluetooth P2V2 - Installation guide

How to install the Bluetooth module BT Volvo P2V2 Note: Before you begin, make sure you have read the manual beforehand. Warning: The Bluetooth module is a plate highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Therefore you must be careful…

Turbocharger scheme and regulation explained

How the tubrocharger works, what is WasteGate and why is the bypass or blow-off valve needed? Below this text is basic schematic of turbocharger control. Of course, this may vary for some vehicles, so let's say it's like a 2005 Volvo V70 T5. On…

Big brakes upgrade for S/V60

Rebuild kit for the front brakes in Volvo S/V60s with the original diameter 300-mm. Parts used from V60 D6 with a diameter 336-mm. Part numbers needed for complete rebuild: 2 pcs belt holder: 8603758  Brake calliper PP: 36000375 Brake calliper LP:…

IHU Engineering Mode - change region settings P3

After you have changed the region settings in car configuration (for example the USA market to EU), you also need to change the region settings in the entertainment system. If you do not do this the entire infotainment system will be extremely slow…

Volvo diesel injectors codes and engine variants

Injector part numbers according the Volvo platform and engine code Volvo platforms recognition is here: VOLVO platforms Some of those injectors requires coding the IMA codes or the injector class. Both can be done with VDASH or VIDA. P3 only …

VDD Dongle

VDD - VDASH DONGLE – remote diagnostics, function extender, etc... UPDATE: VDD officialy available NOW in our e-shop! VDD - Volvo function extender To find out what is supported in your car, enter the VIN and press Enter: VDASH Dongle (VDD) is…

Pairing SCU / SCL unit

Preconditions IMMO code must present - for P3 cars it is automatically decoded when CEM PIN is present or successfully decoded. The SCU / SCL unit must be new virgin (blue box), used SCU / SCL from another car can't be used. Procedure Ignition…

Boost pressure sensor clogged - diesel VEA and latest D5 5-cyl.

If you have diesel car with 5-cylinder engine from 2012 or newer, or you have 4-cylinder VEA engine, then you need to clean the boost pressure sensor every 30-80.000-km. Otherwise your engine power will rapidly decrease and you can expect the engine…

P2 CEM L repair cable (MY05-14)

B connector 31270634 C connector 31270635

Volvo DiCE - update

EN DiCE update VDASH works best with the latest Windows driver and the latest DiCE firmware. Both available for download:  Update the DiCE firmware DiCE with SN to version 5.6.2 from: c:\Program Files\DiCE…

Bluetooth modul BT PHONE P3GSM - User Guide

User Guide Bluetooth modul BT PHONE P3GSMa volitelné rozšíření pro poslech hudby  1.        Introduction Because the update is based on the original Phone Module (PHM) all the control of this updated module is the same as the original one. So it’s…

The CANALT wiring for VDD - SPA / CMA vehicle support

The VDD Dongle CANALT wiring for SPA CMA cars The VDD dongle needs access to low speed CAN bus to enable to see status of locks, doors and windows, as well as to support Parking heater or Remote Engine start commands.  To provide access to low speed…

VDD Application

Vdash Dongle application Application for remote controling Volvo cars. Service monitoring, remote controled additional functions (like starting fuel heater, air condition, ..). Remote assistance in case there's something wrong with the car or…

VDD Dongle - CEM P2/P1 PIN decoding by VDD dongle - supported HW numbers

VDD CEM Pin Decoding for Volvo P1 and P2 Vehicles VDD is capable of decoding the CEM PIN for some P1 or P2 vehicles; however, we cannot guarantee success. Based on our latest knowledge, it seems that the success of CEM PIN decoding depends on the…

VDASH support for iCUP / Android Volvo cars - diagnostics

VDASH support for iCUP / Android Volvo cars - diagnostics The new generation of Volvo cars with the Android system (iCUP) comes equipped with state-of-the-art security features and an integrated firewall. This firewall is housed within a cutting…

Bluetooth modul BT PHONE P3GSM - Installation guide

Installation Guide For the Bluetooth module BT PHONE P3GSMand audio extensions   Note: Please read the whole Guide first before you start with the replacement. Caution: The Bluetooth module is an ESD sensitive board. Be careful after…

P2 MY 1998 - 2004 VDD - úprava CEM pro podporu commandu na vozech P2 MY2000 - MY 2003

VDD bridge CEM relays To be able to turn on the independent heater, lock, unlock etc.... for Volvo P2 MY 1998 - 2004, you need to bridge the relay in the CEM which disconnects the OBD socket when the key is removed from the ignition.

Engine Remote Start - ERS

Certain P3 Volvo cars are able to start engine from car key (both 5-button and 6-button) after change of the cars configuration. The cars and tutorial, how to start the engine is described below. Cars: - the car must have an automatic transmission-…

Volvo abbreviations - zkratky

Volvo abbreviations ABS Anti-lock Brake System modulate ABL Active Bending Light AC Alternating Current A/C Air Conditioning ACC Adaptive Cruise Control ACCM Air Conditioning Control Module ACM Alternator Control Module ADM Additive Dosing Module…


Unlimited VDASH FLAT Config and VDASH FLAT Ultimate Plans In VDASH, two new tariff categories are now available for specific VIN (one vehicle), differing in the scope of services/software included in the tariff price. The FLAT tariff is generally…

VDD Dongle - Fuel Heater doesn’t start when command “Heater Start” sent

VDD Dongle - additional heater will not turn on after “Turn additional heater on” has been clicked on in the D5T5 VDD mobile app      - Check all Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) related to additional heater on the Service page in the VDD…

VDASH - Volvo Diagnostika

VDASH - Professional Volvo Diagnostics VDASH is a sophisticated software designed for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 operating systems, requiring an internet connection to function. Its primary purpose is the diagnosis and software update of…

Web release notes

Web release notes

VEA unlock - tune - DENSO

How to unlock Volvo VEA ECM with VDASH? Follow this tutorial! If you dont have UCBP and you want to tune your car, you can build your own UCBP - HERE  or just buy ours from our e-shop - HERE       Supported HW numbers: …

Optical loop - MOST testing tool

Optical loop order number 8688083 usefull for troubleshooting MOST network

Sensus - Navigation conversion US>EU MY2012-2014 (old sensus without globe key)

If you want to convert your first generation Volvo Sensus (MY2012-2014 - without the globe key) navigation from USA market to Europe, then you need to load special conversion software via USB.Unfortunatelly, this service is not possible for now via…