Volvo DiCE - update
09. 30. 2019

DiCE update VDASH will work only with latest drivers and firmware in your DiCE. Please update the DiCE drivers to latest version + update the firmware in dice from: c:\Program Files\DiCE\Tools\dice_5_6_2.mot with DiCE Firmware Update utility which…

ECM PIN decoding (pliccable only for P3, SPA/CMA and P1 MY2012+)
11. 10. 2018

PIN decoding for ECM - motor unit - chiptuning EDC16C31 in platform 3 For decoding please contact VDASH PRO or VDASH PRO VERIFIED dealers or use our contact form. EDC17CP22 or EDC17CP48 unit For decoding please contact VDASH PRO or VDASH PRO…

Official Volvo links
10. 08. 2019

Here are some usefull official Volvo links:   Volvo map updates for SPA/CMA cars: Volvo map updates for P3 - Sensus Connect (with globe key):…

EGR blanking plate - EURO3 D5 - D5244T
11. 04. 2019

If you load EGR OFF software with VDASH, you shuld install EGR blanking plate according the pictures below: You can uy the blanking plate in our e-shop.

Bluetooth P2V2 for Volvo
10. 17. 2019

Bluetooth P2V2 module - description / features / supported cars    

ECU repairs
11. 10. 2018

Repair of units DIM - combi instrument - instrument panel The dashboard of the Volvo MY 1999-2007 type S60, V70II, XC70II, S80, XC90 has the following problems: Fast running clock Failing gauge needles Extinguishing…

VDASH - Volvo Diagnostika
11. 10. 2018

VDASH - Aftermarket Volvo cars diagnostic tool VDASH is computer software compatible with not virtualized Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32-bit or 64-bit). For using VDASH you need any internet connection (WiFi, 3G, LTE, ADSL,...).  VDASH is intended…

Bluetooth P2V2 - User guide
10. 17. 2019

User Guide For Bluetooth module BT Volvo P2v2    1.        Introduction Because the update is based on the original Phone Module (PHM) all the control of this updated module is same as an original one. So it’s recommended to be familiar with the…

Bluetooth P2V2 - Installation guide
10. 17. 2019

Installation Guide For the Bluetooth module BT Volvo P2v2     Note: Please read the whole Guide first before you start with the replacement. Caution: Bluetooth module is ESD sensitive board. Be careful after you remove it from its bag. …

09. 30. 2019

SRS-CFFF Very common fault for Volvo P1 cars (C30 / S40II / V50 / C70). Official way how to fix this eeror is replace the SRS unit by Volvo dealer for approx 800,- Eur. VDASH can fix this error via OBD without any harm of airbag system (all will…

VOLVO platforms
12. 30. 2018

Volvo Platforms P80 – classic This covers S70, V70, C70 model. There were made between 1999 and 2004. You can identify these by the following instrument cluster: P1 – Platform 1 P1 platform covers C30, S40II, V50, C70II models. Made between…

TFT retrofit
05. 23. 2019

TFT DIM Retrofit Platform P3 series (S/V60, XC60, S80II, XC/V70III) All older P3 cars originally equipped with this type of the instrument cluster (DIM) Can be replaced with nicer TFT DIM (that was factory fitted in the MY14 and newer P3 cars): The…

CEM PIN - car configuration
09. 30. 2019

How to obtain PIN for your CEM? The CEM PIN is needed, when you want to change car configuration. For example, if you want to add heated seats, activate navigation, remove STOP/START, activate video in motion, activate cruise control, etc... There…

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