ECM PIN decoding (pliccable only for P3, SPA/CMA and P1 MY2012+)
11. 10. 2018

PIN decoding for ECM - motor unit - chiptuning EDC16C31 in platform 3 For decoding please contact VDASH PRO or VDASH PRO VERIFIED dealers or use our contact form. EDC17CP22 or EDC17CP48 unit For decoding please contact VDASH PRO or VDASH PRO…

EGR blanking plate - EURO3 D5 - D5244T
11. 04. 2019

If you load EGR OFF software with VDASH, you shuld install EGR blanking plate according the pictures below: You can buy the blanking plate in our e-shop.    

Boost pressure sensor clogged - diesel VEA and latest D5 5-cyl.
01. 17. 2020

If you have diesel car with 5-cylinder engine from 2012 or newer, or you have 4-cylinder VEA engine, then you need to clean the boost pressure sensor every 30-80.000-km. Otherwise your engine power will rapidly decrease and you can expect the engine…

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