Volvo P2 keys and remotes explained

Remote keys and ignition keys in Volvo P2 vehicles Volvo platforms are describedhere: VOLVO platforms The ignition key and the remote control in Volvo P2 platform vehicles are separate, and essentially, they do not relate to each other at all. The…

Volvo PIN codes explained

CEM PIN, ECM PIN, IMMO code, and other codes in Volvo cars: why some units can't be easily cloned via OBD and can't be used from another vehicle without modifications. Every Volvo since 1998 has two basic security levels: CEM and ECM. In newer…

Release notes

Release notes

Web release notes

Web release notes

Newsletter october 2023

News from 10/2023 In brief: Chiptuning and ECU copying for VEA P3 2014-2018 Volvo models via OBD only New pricing for VDASH FLAT (one price for unlimited configuration changes and tuning) CEM PIN decoding for SPA/CMA cars to modify…

Volvo abbreviations - zkratky

Volvo abbreviations ABS Anti-lock Brake System modulate ABL Active Bending Light AC Alternating Current A/C Air Conditioning ACC Adaptive Cruise Control ACCM Air Conditioning Control Module ACM Alternator Control Module ADM Additive Dosing Module…

P2 MY 1998 - 2004 VDD - úprava CEM pro podporu commandu na vozech P2 MY2000 - MY 2003

VDD bridge CEM relays To be able to turn on the independent heater, lock, unlock etc.... for Volvo P2 MY 1998 - 2004, you need to bridge the relay in the CEM which disconnects the OBD socket when the key is removed from the ignition.

How to appear on the MAP as a D5T5 dealer?

If you wish to be visible as a dealer on the D5T5 map, all that it requires is you simply going to VDASH and change the settings to dealer. The map is updated once every 24 hours.

XC90 LED Tail lights upgrade - MY2006+

This is a quick tutorial on how to upgrade rear/tail lights for Volvo XC90s to LED lights, so you can go from this: to this: You will need: - LED lamps :)- your car must be MY2006 and above- the latest REM software- CEM configuration with VDASH: …

Engine Remote Start - ERS

Certain P3 Volvo cars are able to start engine from car key (both 5-button and 6-button) after change of the cars configuration. The cars and tutorial, how to start the engine is described below. Cars: - the car must have an automatic transmission-…

Official Volvo links

Here are some usefull official Volvo links:   Volvo map updates for SPA/CMA cars: Volvo map updates for P3 - Sensus Connect (with globe key):…

Volvo DiCE - update

EN DiCE update VDASH works best with the latest Windows driver and the latest DiCE firmware. Both available for download:  Update the DiCE firmware DiCE with SN to version 5.6.2 from: c:\Program Files\DiCE…

CEM PIN - car configuration

How to Obtain the CEM / ECM PIN for Your Volvo To modify the configuration of your vehicle, you will need the CEM (Central Electronic Module) PIN for your Volvo. For example, if you want to add features such as heated seats, activate navigation,…

VOLVO platforms

Volvo Platforms P80 – classic This is for the S70, V70, C70 models. Usually, their year of production ranges from 1997 to 2004. These models are easily identified by the dashboard, which looks like the following photo: P1 – Platform 1 This is…

ECM PIN decoding (applicable only for P3, SPA/CMA and P1 MY2012+)

PIN decoding for ECM - motor unit - chiptuning EDC16C31 in platform 3 - 5-cyl diesel Euro4 engines - if you need to decode this unit, use our contact form or contact our dealers from VDASH PRO or VDASH PRO VERIFIED.- or send the ECU to us https:/…

ECU repairs

Repair of units DIM - combi instrument - instrument panel The dashboard of the Volvo MY 1999-2007 type S60, V70II, XC70II, S80, XC90 has the following problems: Fast running clock Failing gauge needles Extinguishing…

VDASH - Volvo Diagnostika

VDASH - Professional Volvo Diagnostics VDASH is a sophisticated software designed for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 operating systems, requiring an internet connection to function. Its primary purpose is the diagnosis and software update of…