Volvo diesel injectors codes and engine variants

Injector part numbers according the Volvo platform and engine code Volvo platforms recognition is here: VOLVO platforms Some of those injectors requires coding the IMA codes or the injector class. Both can be done with VDASH or VIDA. P3 only …

Pairing SCU / SCL unit

Preconditions IMMO code must present - for P3 cars it is automatically decoded when CEM PIN is present or successfully decoded. The SCU / SCL unit must be new virgin (blue box), used SCU / SCL from another car can't be used. Procedure Ignition…

Optical loop - MOST testing tool

Optical loop order number 8688083 usefull for troubleshooting MOST network

P2 CEM L repair cable (MY05-14)

B connector 31270634 C connector 31270635

VDD Dongle - Fuel Heater doesn’t start when command “Heater Start” sent

VDD Dongle - additional heater will not turn on after “Turn additional heater on” has been clicked on in the D5T5 VDD mobile app      - Check all Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) related to additional heater on the Service page in the VDD…


SRS-CFFF Very common fault for Volvo P1 cars (C30 / S40II / V50 / C70). Official way how to fix this eeror is replace the SRS unit by Volvo dealer for approx 800,- Eur. VDASH can fix this error via OBD without any harm of airbag system (all will…