VDASH - Aftermarket Volvo cars diagnostic tool

VDASH is a computer software best suited for not virtualized Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32-bit or 64-bit), which needs its own internet connection to function.

VDASH is primarily for personal Volvo vehicles and specifically for their diagnostics along with installing softwares using an OBD II socket. VDASH is fully compatible with the DiCE Volvo cable only. Those are chipster J2534 based - an original cable or a really good fake version from China.

The original Volvo DiCE cable is available for purchase in our e-shop: https://d5t5.com/eshop/detail/83/volvo-dice-genuine-9513000

The VDASH software is available for download here: https://d5t5.com/sw/vdash.exe

VDASH fully supports these functions:

  • Removal of the 180 km/h speed limit in MY2021 models and newer (maximum speed 250 km/h)
  • Diagnostics - reading /clearing DTCs
  • Detection of handling of kilometers with 99% accuracy (on P3, SPA, CMA)
  • Reset service interval - SRI
  • Changing the language of the on-board computer and radio
  • Increasing engine power, replay the engine unit software
  • Change of car configuration (STOP / START off, video activation while driving, independent heating activation, cruise control activation, on-board computer activation, change of USA> EU region, etc.)
  • PIN decoding on the CEM and ECM unit
  • Adding / removing ignition keys and remote samples
  • Pairing of SCL and SCU units
  • Copying / cloning of electronic modules
  • Coding of injectors
  • Data recording
  • Reading READINESS codes
  • Vehicle service history management
  • Guarding the upcoming technical inspection
  • Print reports from the service session
  • Keeping a logbook in a station wagon with VDD - VDASH dongle
  • Update of the Bluetooth module settings in P2 cars

Supported vehicles - typically all vehicles from 1999 to present with the exception of first generation S/V40 from the year 1996

P80 - S/V/C70 od 1999
P1 - S40II, V50, C30, C70
P2 - S60, S80, V/XC70, XC90
P3 - V40II, S/V/XC60, V/XC70, 
SPA - S/V/XC90, S/V/XC60
CMA - XC40

Pricing - VDASH LITE

VDASH is free for personal use. Only the final prices of software or extended service operations are of charge. The price of the action is always displayed in the shopping cart before the action is performed. Free accounts have no support and their use is always at your own risk and responsibility. Any requested support is charged at a flat rate of 250, - without VAT/10 minutes.

Pricing - VDASH PRO - professional account - dealership

  • professional account contains basic discount 25% off end-user prices
  • extended functionality
  • priority support from 9:00 - 16:00 / working days in Czech Republic in total time 3-hours / month (support in troubles with using VDASH, not for all questions like prices, possibilities etc..) 
  • advertise on D5T5.com and our other websites
  • local customer redirection from headoffice

VDASH PRO cost 400,- Eur excl. VAT / year or minimum turnover for last 3-months has to be 400,- Eur excl. VAT / month (then next month will be the account VDASH PRO)
More info here: https://d5t5.com/article/vdash-pro-account


Verified VDASH dealer with really high skills with VDASH and Volvo cars.

This type of account is not possible to buy. D5T5 team awards by this account only the best of best. This kind of account has access also to experimental functions and to the latest knowledges and updates.

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