Optimizing engine performance

This is an increase in engine performance, which is possible by modifying the control software of the motor unit, or by modifying some hardware parts of the engine. Our suppliers of software for petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles are Obbetuning.nl from the Netherlands and in the past ARD Tuning from the USA.

Volvo typically produced and still manufactures vehicles with the same / very similar engines, which have very different powers. This is due not only to marketing purposes, but also for tax reasons - typically cars for Belgium. With these cars, the software "unrestricted" version of the engine can be obtained by mere software modification. A typical example is the D5244T - 96-kW / 280-Nm, which is exactly the same as the D5244T - 120-kW / 340-Nm, except for the software. This makes it possible to increase the power from 96-kW to 120-kW, or even further increase it to 147-kW / 470-Nm, which is designed for this engine without changing the service life. Software engine power adjustment is very fast, simple and completely non-invasive for the motor unit thanks to VDASH, as the software is loaded through the OBD socket. No need to remove anything from the car.

The increase in performance is particularly beneficial in combination with the automatic transmission, which shifts faster and earlier thanks to higher torque, eliminating the perception of "confusion" when overtaking. Due to the higher power at lower engine speeds, the engine does not spin so much and fuel savings typically range from 0.5 to 3 liters (on some petrol models) per 100-km.

For those who want to increase performance beyond software editing, there is the option of modifying the individual components of the engine itself. These include:

  • Larger / aluminum intercooler
  • Bigger turbo
  • Bigger injectors
  • More powerful fuel pump
  • Bigger exhaust
  • Forged pistons
  • Forged connecting rods
  • Tuning TCV
  • Blow-Off valve (BOV)
  • Lightweight pulley
  • etc…

These HW modifications also require software. We can supply those custom software modifications. These modifications are usually in the order of several 10 thousand to 100 thousand. When increasing performance it is necessary to think of other parts of the car, such as the chassis (shock absorbers, silent blocks, springs, stabilizers, ...), but also mainly brakes and tires.

In some cases, it is worth considering the option of selling the current vehicle and buying a stronger version, if produced.

Typically very unsuitable treatment engines are gasoline 4-cylinder, atmospheric engines taken from FORD (1.6i / 1.8i / 2.0i)