STAGE 0 - before tuning

Here is a summary of recommendations that should be followed before any modification - increase - performance. These recommendations can safely achieve the performance that is required. However, these recommendations can also serve as a guide for extended maintenance to get the engine back to what it has lost in years of operation. These recommendations not only restore original performance, but also extend engine life.

  • engine oil change, oil leak check
  • oil filter replacement
  • air filter replacement
  • fuel filter replacement
  • turbocharger check / check - WasteGate adjustment
  • TCV (turbo control valve) inspection / replacement, leak inspection / vacuum tube replacement
  • Injector Inspection / Inspection - Spark Plug Replacement
  • clean / check for leaks / replace suction hoses
  • tightness check of the intercooler
  • check / clean the crankcase ventilation
  • Changing the transmission oil
  • slip control / clutch change
  • leak check / cleaning of the cooling system

Subsequent to modification and after performing STAGE 0, we recommend a follow-up service plan that certainly will not harm cars without

  • Change engine oil after 15,000km or 1 year (10,000km recommended)
  • Replace air filter after 30,000km (20,000km recommended)
  • Change the transmission oil after 50,000km
  • Use quality fuel (Benzina, Aral, OMV,…)
  • Drive reasonably - gradually warm the engine / cool down the turbo before turning off the engine
  • Set WasteGate to the correct pressure according to your tuning stage
  • Check the brakes and inflate the tires at least once a month
  • Do not forget the other refills - servo, differential, angle gearbox, haldex,…