VDASH support for iCUP / Android Volvo cars - diagnostics

VDASH support for iCUP / Android Volvo cars - diagnostics The new generation of Volvo cars with the Android system (iCUP) comes equipped with state-of-the-art security features and an integrated firewall. This firewall is housed within a cutting…

VDD Dongle firmware release notes

VDD Dongle firmware release notes

VDD Dongle - CEM P2/P1 PIN decoding by VDD dongle - supported HW numbers

VDD CEM Pin Decoding for Volvo P1 and P2 Vehicles VDD is capable of decoding the CEM PIN for some P1 or P2 vehicles; however, we cannot guarantee success. Based on our latest knowledge, it seems that the success of CEM PIN decoding depends on the…

The CANALT wiring for VDD - SPA / CMA vehicle support

The VDD Dongle CANALT wiring for SPA CMA cars The VDD dongle needs access to low speed CAN bus to enable to see status of locks, doors and windows, as well as to support Parking heater or Remote Engine start commands.  To provide access to low speed…

What cars the VDD supports

VDD description is here: VDASH VDD Dongle To find out what is supported in your car, enter the VIN and press Enter:  

P2 MY 1998 - 2004 VDD - úprava CEM pro podporu commandu na vozech P2 MY2000 - MY 2003

VDD bridge CEM relays To be able to turn on the independent heater, lock, unlock etc.... for Volvo P2 MY 1998 - 2004, you need to bridge the relay in the CEM which disconnects the OBD socket when the key is removed from the ignition.

VDD Dongle - Fuel Heater doesn’t start when command “Heater Start” sent

VDD Dongle - additional heater will not turn on after “Turn additional heater on” has been clicked on in the D5T5 VDD mobile app      - Check all Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) related to additional heater on the Service page in the VDD…

VDD Application

Vdash Dongle application Application for remote controling Volvo cars. Service monitoring, remote controled additional functions (like starting fuel heater, air condition, ..). Remote assistance in case there's something wrong with the car or…

VDD Dongle

VDD - VDASH DONGLE – remote diagnostics, function extender, etc... UPDATE: VDD officialy available NOW in our e-shop! VDD - Volvo function extender To find out what is supported in your car, enter the VIN and press Enter: VDASH Dongle (VDD) is…