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Originally, the VolvoCesky.cz project, which later transitioned to D5T5.com, was founded on March 3, 2012, by Tymon (L. Motl). It was born from his idea of implementing the Czech language into the onboard computer of a Volvo V50, 2004 model, with invaluable support and patience from Pavel Lajšner (ok2ucx). Initially, it was purely a hobby project, but over time, we improved our translations and offered users higher quality translations than Volvo itself, as well as other options such as nicer fonts, custom announcements, a choice of address types, and additional languages.

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The VolvoCesky.cz (D5T5.com) project thrilled us so much that we left our original jobs and began dedicating ourselves to this hobby full-time. As a result, we now offer engine performance optimization, configuration changes, remote control recycling, repairs for most electronic modules, immobilizer repairs, and other challenging issues for Volvo.

Our core team members in the Czech Republic include: ok2ucx (Pavel), Tymon (Láďa), Dave (David), Radek, Milan, and Laura. We also collaborate with several external partners in the Czech Republic (Marek, Mirek, Ondřej, Štěpán, Tomáš...) and colleagues abroad: Obbe (VolvoTune.NL), Don (ELEVATE), Andrew, Yuri, Christian, Pierre, and others.

On January 1, 2019, we launched the D5T5.com portal, which will offer unprecedented opportunities for Volvo enthusiasts worldwide in the future. You can look forward to many exciting features that will connect VDASH diagnostics, the D5T5.com website, the mobile app for VDD, VDD itself, the D5T5 Racer game, and more.

On the D5T5.com portal, it will be possible to maintain a comprehensive service overview of your vehicle with the option of online access through VDD and VDASH, consult a knowledge database when solving specific issues, buy and sell parts and vehicles, communicate with other Volvo enthusiasts, and much more.

Why do we do this, you may ask?

The reason is simple: We love Volvo! Our passion for this brand motivates us to provide the best possible support and services for the Volvo community. We believe that in doing so, we contribute to a better driving experience in Volvo vehicles and, at the same time, strengthen the bonds between fans and owners of these cars worldwide.


D5T5.com Team

Ladislav Motl
managing director, company development, marketing, business customers
cars: V90CC B5 MY22 / XC60 T8 MY18 / S60 T6 Polestar MY18/ V70R FWD MY99 Saffron / V70R AWD MY99 Saffron / V70R AWD MY99 LaserBlue / 244 DL MY86 / 850 T5-R CreamYellow MY95 / 850R MY96 Red / 850R MY96 Grey / P1800S 1968 / P1800 Jensen 1962 / P1800 Jensen 1961 / P1800S 1971 / digger EC15B 

Pavel Lajšner
hardware development director, embedded programmer
cars: V90CC T6 OceanRace MY18 / S80 V8 MY07 / 960 / 740

David S.
software development director, .NET programmer, iOS + Android
car: V60 D6 MY15

Michal H.
software architect, cryptology
cars: XC40 MY2018, XC90 MY2010

Radek K.
VDD development, embedded programmer, HW developer
car: V70 D5 MY04

Milan S.
website developer, php + .NET programmer
car: V60 D2 MY14

Laura M.
e-shop manager, VIDA SW orders, expedition
car: XC60 T8 MY18

Marek B.
HW manufacturing, BT P2V2
cars: S80 V8 / S60 T5

Miroslav S.
HW repairs

Ondřej V.
3D modeling, D5T5 Racer, augmented reality
cars: XC60 D5 MY11

Android + iOS programmer, D5T5 Racer

3D modeling

Obbe Van Den Bijlaard
engine software optimization, VolvoTune.NL
cars: XC90 D5 MY17 / V40 D4 MY17

Pavel K.
mentor, external auditor

Zuzana S.

Michał K.
helpdesk support

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