D5T5.com - or what a bunch we are

The VolvoCesky.cz project was created on March 3, 2012, when the domain was founded. In the beginning, it was a purely hobby project, which was created by the idea of ​​Tymon (L.Motl), after the successful implementation of the Czech language into the Volvo V50 computer in 2004 with great support and patience of ok2ucx (P.Lajsner). Over the time, we moved to a high standard in translations, offering users better translations than Volvo itself, nicer letters, custom announcements, choosing the type of address, other languages, etc.

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However, we enjoyed the VolvoCesky.cz (D5T5.com) project so much that we abandoned our former jobs and started to devote 100% to this hobby. Thanks to this we can offer engine optimization, configuration changes, recycling remotes, repair most of the elestronic modules, repair immobilizer and other - for Volvo unsolvable - things etc.

Our solid core in the Czech Republic now consists of: ok2ucx (Pavel), Tymon (Lada), Dave (David) and Radek. Furthermore, several external experts in the Czech Republic (Milan, Ondrej, Erik,…). A few colleagues around the world: Obbe (VolvoTune.NL), Lucky (Robert - ARDideas.com), Christian, Pierre,…

January 1, 2019 we launched this portal D5T5.com, which in the future will offer unprecedented opportunities for all volvists from around the world. You can look forward to lots of interesting features that will connect VDASH diagnostics, this D5T5.com website, the VDD mobile app, VDD itself, D5T5 Racer game and much more!

At D5T5.com, you will be able to maintain a complete service overview for your vehicle with on-line visibility thanks to VDD and VDASH, access the knowledge base to solve specific problems, buy and sell parts and vehicles, communicate with other volvists and much more.

And why are we actually doing this? Because we love Volvo!


D5T5.com Team

Ladislav Motl
CEO + CFO, company development, marketing, business customers
cars: V90CC B5 MY22 / XC60 T8 MY18 / S60 T6 Polestar MY18/ V70R FWD MY99 Saffron / V70R AWD MY99 Saffron / V70R AWD MY99 LaserBlue / 244 DL MY86 / 850 T5-R CreamYellow MY95 / 850R MY96 Red / 850R MY96 Grey / P1800S 1968 / P1800 Jensen 1962 / P1800 Jensen 1961 / P1800S 1971 / digger EC15B 

Pavel Lajšner
CTO, embedded programmer
cars: V90CC T6 OceanRace MY18 / S80 V8 MY07 / 960 / 740

David S.
partner, .NET programmer, iOS + Android
car: V60 D6 MY15

Radek K.
embedded programmer, HW developer
car: V70 D5 MY04

Milan S.
php + .NET programmer
car: V60 D2 MY14

Laura M.
orders, shipping
car: XC60 T8 MY18

Marek B.
HW manufacturing, BT P2V2
cars: S80 V8 / S60 T5

Ondřej V.
3D modeling, D5T5 Racer
cars: XC60 D5 MY10

Erik V.
Android + iOS programmer, D5T5 Racer

Obbe Van Den Bijlaard
engine software optimization, VolvoTune.NL
cars: XC90 D5 MY17 / V40 D4 MY17

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