Engine Performance Optimization with Safety and Efficiency Guaranteed by D5T5 s.r.o.

Unlock more power, improved handling, and increased fuel efficiency with our engine performance optimization service, brought to you by D5T5 s.r.o. in collaboration with Dutch colleague Obbe van den Bijlaard, who has been dedicated to this field for over 30 years. This sophisticated modification ensures the safety of your engine and transmission while delivering a significant improvement in mid-range performance and favorable fuel consumption.

Our engine optimization is designed to be gentle on both the engine and transmission while achieving optimal performance. With our professional team and cutting-edge software, you can be confident that your vehicle will be safe and more powerful.

Experience a considerable improvement in mid-range performance, enhancing driving characteristics and elevating your driving comfort. Our engine performance optimization delivers faster acceleration, smoother gear shifting, and an overall better driving experience.

Additionally, our engine performance optimization is designed to be fuel-efficient. The result is more economical vehicle operation and reduced fuel costs. Discover the benefits of our engine performance optimization service by D5T5 s.r.o. and enjoy an upgraded driving experience with confidence in your vehicle's safety and efficiency.

You can optimize most vehicle models from the comfort of your home today! Simply download our VDASH software and connect your car using a Volvo DiCE diagnostic cable via the OBDII port. In VDASH, choose the desired performance level, and the software will automatically update the engine control unit's software. Find more information about VDASH here: https://d5t5.com/article/vdash-volvo-diagnostic

If your vehicle is not supported or you don't have the necessary equipment, please contact one of our dealers from our dealer page: https://d5t5.com/dealers

To find out what performance options are available for your vehicle, enter your VIN into the search form on the D5T5.com page and press ENTER.

D5252T – EURO 2 - MSA 15.8 unit – popularly 2,5Tdi

Originální power 103-kW / 280-Nm
Modified power 125-kW / 340-Nm

Modification via VDASH online. For modification you need PC with Windows, Volvo DiCE, internet, VDASH.
Adjustment time approx. 10-min

D5244T / D5244T2 - EURO 3 - unit EDC15C11 - popularly D5 or 2,4D

Original power D5244T2 96-kW / 280-Nm
Modified power D5244T2 147-kW / 470-Nm
Original power D5244T 120-kW / 340-Nm
Modified power D5244T 147-kW / 470-Nm

Adjustment via VDASH online. For modification you need Windows PC, Volvo DiCE, internet, VDASH.
Adjustment time approx. 10-min

D5244T4 / D5244T5 / D5244T / D5244T7 / D5244T8 / D5244T13 - EURO 4 - unit EDC16C31 - popularly D5 or 2,4D

Original power D5244T4 136-kW / 400-Nm
Modified power D5244T4 158-kW / 470-Nm
Original power D5244T5 120-kW / 340-Nm
Modified power D5244T5 158-kW / 470-Nm
Original power D5244T7 93-kW / 300-Nm
Modified power D5244T7 158-kW / 470-Nm
Original power D5244T8 130-kW / 350-Nm
Modified power D5244T8 158-kW / 470-Nm
Original power D5244T13 130-kW / 400-Nm
Modified power D5244T13 158-kW / 470-Nm

Adjustment via VDASH online. For modification you need Windows PC, Volvo DiCE, internet, VDASH.
Adjustment time approx. 10-min. For platform 3 models you need to decode the ECM PIN – more info here

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