Unlimited VDASH FLAT Config and VDASH FLAT Ultimate Plans

In VDASH, two new tariff categories are now available for specific VIN (one vehicle), differing in the scope of services/software included in the tariff price. The FLAT tariff is generally structured so that services within the tariff can be used unlimitedly for 1 year. The cost to extend the tariff for 1 year is precisely 10% of the tariff's purchase price. This price is set as the cost for operating the service and maintenance (servers, electricity, connectivity, helpdesk, etc.). If the user doesn't renew the FLAT service, the vehicle will remain in the last known configuration uploaded. Reverting back to the original state is FREE at any time. Any potential extension of the tariff for 10% can be renewed at any time.

The FLAT tariff does not enable any discounted, faster, or priority decoding of CEM / ECM PIN. The methods for decoding the PIN remain the same!
More at: https://d5t5.com/article/volvo-cem-pin-code
To add the PIN directly: https://d5t5.com/pin


A tariff suitable for making changes to any vehicle configuration. You can thus try out all items in the configuration. This tariff DOES NOT include support for activating a specific configuration if additional hardware is required.


This tariff includes everything from VDASH FLAT Config. Additionally, it provides the ability to upload from VDASH system any engine performance optimizations, unlimited unit cloning within the vehicle, all diagnostic commands, repair software, language changes, changes in screen color themes (if supported by the vehicle), and all features that will be developed in VDASH in the future.


It is important to emphasize that this tariff applies only to one specific vehicle to which it was purchased. Different levels of tariffs can be purchased for each vehicle separately.

Within the FLAT tariff, there is no entitlement to priority support, nor any entitlement to support in the case of obscure configuration changes.

The FLAT tariff can be transferred to another VDASH user account once a year (in case of selling the vehicle or purchasing the FLAT tariff from a dealer).

The original method of purchasing software with unlimited playback forever (i.e., without an annual subscription) remains unchanged.

Platform FLAT Config Config prolong FLAT Ultimate Ultimate prolong
P1 69 EUR 7 EUR 199 EUR 19 EUR
P2 99 EUR 10 EUR 249 EUR 25 EUR
P3 129 EUR 13 EUR 299 EUR 30 EUR
SPA 249 EUR 25 EUR 499 EUR 50 EUR
CMA 249 EUR 25 EUR 499 EUR 50 EUR

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All prices are excluding VAT.

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