Installation Guide

For the Bluetooth module BT Volvo P2v2




Please read the whole Guide first before you start with the replacement.


Bluetooth module is ESD sensitive board. Be careful after you remove it from its bag.


Updated: 20-Jan-2019

Installation of the Bluetooth module instead of original GSM modem is not complicated. Just be careful in some steps

Procedure how to remove the Phone module (PHM) from the car is not part of this guide. You can find some on the Youtube or some forums.



If you have not access to diagnostic then I recommend you to follow this rules during the removing process of PHM:

Turn off the ignition and remove the key and wait at least a minute before you disconnect the climatization control panel. Do not turn on the ignition until climatization panel is connected back!

If you do not observe this then Airbag warning light turns on! It is possible to turn it off only by diagnostic.


 1.        The necessary equipment

You can see a list of what you will need for the replacement on the figure 1.1. The most of parts are part of the package.

Figure 1.1

You will need (not part of the package)

  • Torx T6, T8 and T10
  • The Phone module (PHM)

You will find in the package

  • The BT Phone P2v2 board + Bluetooth antenna
  • 4pcs of spacers, height 1mm (for Ericsson and Wavecom modems replacement)
  • 4pcs of spacers, height 4mm (for Ericsson modems replacement)
  • Cable for connection BT module with the radio

            1.1.        The Bluetooth module versions

The Bluetooth module can be with external antenna (it is part of package) or with internal antenna. It is not possible to make a choice between these versions.


2.        Disassembly of GSM modem

Use Torx T10 to unscrew 2 screws on the back site (connector site) of the module (marked on the figure 2.1) and then use T6 to unscrew 4 screws, fixing the front panel (marked on figures  2.2 and 2.3). The best position to do this is put the module keypad downward.

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.2

Figure 2.3


Be careful when removing the black cover from the module (figure 2.4 and 2.5). Make sure to lift the cover straight up. Do not twist or turn the cover when lifting it up because inside there is very fragile flex cable coming from the SIM card slot, which can be damaged. Damaging the flex cable would not affect the Bluetooth module, nevertheless, if you would ever want to revert back to using the default setup, the SIM card reader would not work because of the damaged flex cable.


Figure 2.4

Figure 2.5


Put the module carefully on the table. The main board should be horizontal to the table (figure 2.6).



In this moment the keypad is not fixed with the main board. So be careful and do not try to move the keypad because the SIM slot is part of the keypad and it is connected via ribbon cable sensitive to damage.


Figure 2.6


Disconnect the ribbon cable connecting SIM slot with the main board. A good option is to use of Torx T6 and put it carefully between the main board and the connector (figure 2.7). Use the place without parts on the main board. Now carefully push down on the second side of the torx and connector will release a bit. Do it on more places until connector is not released.

Figure 2.7

Figure 2.8


After the connector is released (figure 2.8) remove the keypad (figure 2.9).

Figure 2.9

Disconnect connectors marked blue on the figure 2.9 (on the middle of the figure) and unscrew (using the Torx T8) 4 screws marked red on the same picture. Remove the GSM modem.

 3.        The Bluetooth module installation

Put 4 spacers (height 1mm) on holes (figure 3.1) and then add the Bluetooth module on it.


Figure 3.1

            3.1.        Only for Ericsson modem

Add on screws, that held GSM modem, spaces (height 4mm) (figure 3.2).

            3.2.        Continuation - common for all modems

Use original screws to fix the Bluetooth module on the main board (figure 3.2). Connect the main (30 pins) connector (figure 3.2, marked blue on the right side). It is recommended to put original GSM connector into the empty space (figure 3.2, marked blue on the left top) or try to find some safe position because it’s metal and it can cause some short circuit with fatal damage.


Figure 3.2

            3.3.        Only for Bluetooth module with external antenna

Stick the antenna on the phone module. The recommended position is shown on figure 3.3. If you disconnect the Bluetooth antenna during this process then do not forget to connect it back after that.

            3.4.        Continuation - common for all Bluetooth modules

Put the keypad back to the main board (figure 3.3).



Never connect the SIM connector back to the main board (maybe it looks like connected on the figure 3.3 but it is not). You can damage the Bluetooth module. Keep it free but on the safe place.



Later firmware versions (from 2018) are testing it. If the cable is connected then it will not damage the Bluetooth module but the operation is limited. Also the "SIM ERROR" message is shown on the dashboard.


Figure 3.3


 4.        Covering

Put the module keypad downward. Insert the main cover back (figure 4.1) and screw it using original screws.

Figure 4.1


Unscrew 2 screws marked red on the figure 4.2 using Torx T6 and release the unfixed part of cover (figure 4.3). It’s not required (if you have not a battery inside). Now you have an access to the connector on the Bluetooth module.

Figure 4.2

Figure 4.3


Connect the cable with the connector (figure 4.4) and that's all.

Figure 4.4


You can put updated phone module back into the car. Do not forget to connect connector also with the radio.

Thanks for buy and I wish you a lot of pleasant moments with this updated module.

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