VDASH support for iCUP / Android Volvo cars - diagnostics

The new generation of Volvo cars with the Android system (iCUP) comes equipped with state-of-the-art security features and an integrated firewall. This firewall is housed within a cutting-edge unit known as the VGM (Vehicle Gateway Module). The VGM module is responsible for managing all data communication within the vehicle and ensures the security of incoming communications.

Because of these enhancements, it's not possible to simply erase diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) or issue diagnostic commands without prior authorization, which requires a unique security key.

While the security measures may introduce a slight delay in communication between the car and external diagnostic tools or VDD (Vehicle Diagnostic Devices), essential functions such as reading DTCs and live values like pressures remain unaffected.

Nevertheless, VDASH retains the capability to access the VGM PIN code. To do so, you'll need access to the official Volvo VIDA, where you can obtain the necessary security key. Once you have the security key, VDASH can provide full support for diagnostics and commands, including reading and clearing trouble codes, performing calibrations, and more.

Identifying whether your car is iCUP-based or not is straightforward. Simply inspect the driver information module (DIM) and infotainment module (IHU). If they resemble the images below, your car is indeed equipped with the iCUP/Android-based system:



This should help you easily confirm the system your vehicle is equipped with.

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