This is a short video tutorial on how to change market-related settings in your Volvo, how to use IHU Engineering mode and how to activate your GPS.

Side note: After your GPS has been activated we recommend turning the car off and locking it for at least 5 minutes

I made the following changes in the video:
Instrument cluster > Europe (km)
Frequency band and step radio > Europe (100kHz FM)
Belt reminder > EU type
CCM unit setting > Temp: deg. C, Clock: 24 h, Distance: km, Fuel Consumption: Liter/km
Service distance > 15000 km
System default language > CZ Czech
Language region > Europe
DVD region > Region 2 - EU, Japan
Navigation system > Enabled (additional paid option)
Navi map regions (Sensus Connect) > Europe
Traffic Message Channel > RTTI + TMC FM (additional paid option)
Speed limitation > 250km/h (160mph) 
Screen skins > DIM: R-design ICM: Volvo logo (additional paid option)

And I started the Engineering mode in IHU - more info here: IHU Engineering Mode - change region settings P3

For these changes you need to decode the CEM PIN - more info here: CEM PIN - car configuration