For change configuration in P3 you need to decode CEM PIN via OBD with VDASH - how to do it is described here:

This is applicable only for P3 cars: V40II / V40CC / S60II / S60CC / V60 / V60CC / XC60 / V70III / XC70III / S80II (MY2007-2018)

This article tries to describe, what is possible to change and what requires additional hardware.

1/ Easy changes - no hardware change required / small upgrade may be needed

  • standard cruise control activation (requires to add cruise control buttons on steering wheel)
  • trip computer (the left - blinker - lever might be needed to replace for that with scrolling wheel and RESET button)
  • change region USA to EU / EU to USA / Japan to EU like miles to kilometers, radio frequency step, temperature units °F to °C (replace DIM might be needed because of differen speedometer scale)
  • activate video in motion (available only for cars with Sensus or Sensus Connect)
  • activate navigation (available only for cars with Sensus Connect - more info here: )
  • deactivate Stop-Start function
  • activate remote preconditioning from car key (only for cars with independent fuel heater and model year 2012+)
  • activate remote engine start (only for supported models - more info here: )
  • deactivate neutral control (only for cars with automatic transmission)
  • activate independent heater timer (only for cars with fuel operated heater)
  • remove speed limiter
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