Volvo abbreviations

ABS Anti-lock Brake System modulate

ABL Active Bending Light

AC Alternating Current

A/C Air Conditioning

ACC Adaptive Cruise Control

ACCM Air Conditioning Control Module

ACM Alternator Control Module

ADM Additive Dosing Module

AEM Accessory Electronic Module

AFM AM/FM Tuner Module

AGM Active Grille shutter Module

AHB Active High Beam

AHCM Additional Heater Control Module

ALM Ambience Lights Module

AM Amplitude Modulation

ANC Active Noise Control

AOC Active On demand-Coupling

APMS Airbone Particulate Matter Sensor

AQS Air Quality Sensor

ATM Antenna Module

AUD Audio Module

AUX Auxiliary

AWD All Wheel Drive

AYC Active Yaw Control

BBS Battery Back-up Siren

BCM Brake Control Module

BCU Battery Climate Unit

BECM Battery Energy Control Module

BEV Battery Electric Vehicle

BMS Battery Monitoring Sensor

BPM Bluetooth Phone Module

BPS Brake Pressure Support

BSC Body Sensor Cluster

CAN Controller Area Network

CC Cruise Control

CCC Closed Coupled Catalyst

CCM Climate Control Modulate

CCOT Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube system

CD Compact Disc

CEM Central Electronic Module

CJB Coupé Junction Box

CMS Collision Mitigation System

CO Carbon Oxide

CPM Combustion Pre-heater Module

CPSR Charge Power Sustain Relay

CRM Convertible Roof Module

CSC Customer Service Centre

CTA Cross Traffic Alert

CVBS Composite Video Baseband Signal

CVC Complete Vehicle Control

CVVT Continuous Variable Valve Timing

CVM Closing Velocity Module

CZIP Clean Zone Interior Package

DABM Digital Audio Broadcast Module

DAC Driver Alert Control

DAS Driver Alert System

DC Direct Current

DCC DisConnect Clutch

DCDC DC to DC converter

DCP Diesel Common rail Pump

DDM Driver Door Module

DDRL Dedicated Daytime Running Lights

DEM Differential Electronic Module

DiCE Diagnostic Communication Equipment

DIM Driver Information Module

DMM Damper Motor Module

DRL Daytime Running Lights  

DSR Driver Steering Recommendation

DSTC Dynamic Stability and Traction Control

DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code

DVB-T Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial

EA Emergency Alarm

EBA Emergency Brake Assist

EBD Electronic Brake force Distribution

EBL Emergency Brake Light

ECC Electronic Climate Control

ECCM Electric Charge Air Compressor Module

ECM Engine Control Module

ECU Electronic Control Unit

EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EJB Engine Junction Box

EL-A/C Electric A/C compressor

EOE Engine Order Enhancement

EOP Electrical Operated Pump

EOR Engine Order Reduction

EPB Electric Parking Brake

EPAS Electric Power Assisted Steering

EHPAS Electro Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering

EPS Electrical Power Steering

ERAD Electric Rear Axle Drive

ERS Engine Remote Start

ESM Exterior Sound Module

ETM Electronic Throttle Module

FBS Fading Brake Support

FCW Forward Collision Warning

FET Field Effect Transistor

FM Frequency Modulation

FoPB Foot operated Parking Brake

Four-C Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept

4C Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept

FSM Forward Sensing Module

FOH Fuel Operated Heater

FWD Front Wheel Drive

GDL Gas Discharge Lamp Module

GFT Getrag Ford Transmissions

GPS Global Positioning System Module

GSM Gear Selector Module

HBS Heart Beat Sensor

HC Hydro Carbon

HCM Headlamp Control Module

HCML Headlamp Control Module Left

HCMR Headlamp Control Module Right

HDC Hill Descent Control

HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle

HLDF High Level Display Front

HS High Speed

HS CAN High Speed CAN

HUD Head Up Display

HUS Humidity Sensor

IAM Integrated Audio Module

IAU Immobiliser Antenna Unit

IC Integrated Circuit

ICM Infotainment Control Module

iCUP Infotainment Connectivity Unit Program / Android infotainment

IDIS Intelligent Driver Information System

IEM Inverter ERAD Module

IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

IGM Inverter Generator Module

IHU Infotainment Head Unit

IMS Interior Motion Sensor

IR Infra red

IRRL Interior Rear Roof Lamp

ISC Inverter System Controller

ISG Integrated Starter Generator

ISM Inclination Sensor Module

KVM Keyless Vehicle Module

kHz kilo Hertz

kW kilo Watt

K-Line Serial data communication

LDM Left rear Door Module

LDW Lane Departure Warning

LED Light Emitting Diode

LHCU Left Headlamp Control Unit

LIN Local Interconnect Network

LKA Lane Keeping Aid

LOS Limited Operational Strategy

LS Low Speed

LSM Light Switch Module

LVDS Low-Voltage Differential Signalling

MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure

MAF Manifold Air Flow

MCC Manual Climate Control

MD Mini Disc

uF micro Farad

MHEV Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle

MMM Multi Media Module

MMS Mass Movement Sensor module

MOSFET Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor

MOST Media Oriented System Transport

MPS Modular Power Shift

MS CAN Medium Speed CAN

NCT New Car Training

NEDC New European Driving Cycle

NMOG Non-Methane Organic Gases

NICA Nominated person In Control of work Activity

NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient

NTSC National Television Standards Committee

OBC OnBoard Charger

OBC GW OnBoard Charger GateWay

OHB Optimised Hydraulic Brakes

OHC Over Head Console

OWS Occupant Weight System

PAC Park Assist Camera

PACOS Passenger Airbag Cut Off Switch

PAD Passenger Airbag Deactivated

PAE Passenger Airbag Engaged

PAM Parking Assistance Module

PAP Park Assist Pilot

PAS Park Assist System

PBM Parking Brake Module

PCC Personal Car Communicator

PDM Passenger Door Module

PEM Pump Electronic Module

PFB Pre Fuse Box

PHM Phone Module

PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

PiH Plug in Hybrid

POI Point Of Interest

POT Power Operated Tailgate Module

PPM Pedestrian Protection Module

PRV Pressure Relief Valve

PSCM Power Steering Control Module

PSM Power Seat Module

PSR Power Sustain Relay

PT Power Tailgate

PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient

PWM Pulse Width Modulated

RA Road Assistance

RAB Ready Alert Brakes

RBCM Redundant Brake Control Module

RBDS Radio Broadcast Data System

RBMS Redundant Battery Monitoring Sensor

RDM Right rear Door Module

RDU Remote Door Unlock

RDS Radio Data System

ReSC Regenerative Stability Control

REM Rear Electronic Module

RFR Radio Frequency Receiver

RGB Red/Green/Blue

RHS Remote Heater Start

RHCU Right Headlamp Control Unit

RJB Rear Junction Box

RKE Remote Keyless Entry

RME Raps Methyl Ester

RPDM Rear Passenger Door Module

RRX Remote Receiver

RSD Reduced Stopping Distance

RSE Rear Seat Entertainment Module

RSI Road Sign Information

RSM Rain Sensor Module

RTI Road Traffic Information Module

RVI Remote Vehicle Immobiliser

TFT Thin Film Transistor

SAC Self Adjusting Clutch

SAS Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Module

SC Stability Control

SCL Steering Column Lock

SCM Siren Control Module

SCU Start Control Unit

SDN SRS Deployment Notification

SHML Seat Heating Module Left

SHMR Seat Heating Module Right

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

SIPS Side Impact Protection System

SMS Short Message System

SoC State of Charge

SODL Side Object Detection Left module

SODR Side Object Detection Right module

SoH State of Health

SRM Sun Roof Module

SRS Supplement Restraint System module

STC Stability and Traction Control

SSB Start Stop Box

SSM Safe Stop Module

SSR Solid State Relay

SUB Sub Woofer Module

SVT Stolen Vehicle Tracking

SW Software

SWM Steering Wheel Module

SWSL Steering Wheel Switches Left

TAS Torque and Angle Sensor

TCH Thermal Cup Holder

TCM Transmission Control Module

TEM Telematic Electronic Module

TMC Traffic Message Channel

TN Theft Notification

TRM Trailer Module

TVM Television Module

TXV Thermal Expansion Valve

UDD Unauthorised Driver Detection

UMD Unauthorised Movement Detection

VCM Vehicle Communication Module

VCT2000 Vehicle Communication Tool 2000

VCU Vehicle Computation Unit

VDASH Volvo Dashboard software

VDD VDASH Dongle Diagnostics

VGA Video Graphics Array

VGM Vehicle Gateway Module

VGLA Volvo Guard Alarm System

VIDA Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales

VIN Vehicle Identification Number

VOC Volvo On Call

WMM Wiper Motor Module

WPC Wireless Phone Charger


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