If you want to convert your first generation Volvo Sensus (MY2012-2014 - without the globe key) navigation from USA market to Europe, then you need to load special conversion software via USB.

Unfortunatelly, this service is not possible for now via VDASH, because we do not support USB uploading at the moment (23.6.2020).

But you have these 3 options, how to solve this situation:

1/ Buy used IAM part from EU car, mount it into your car and load ITP OFF (MOST security off) with VDASH for free (just in this case).

* you just need to have the correct part according the software compatibility
- S60 / V60 / XC60 are compatible between each other
- S80 / V70 / XC 70 are compatible between each other
- V40 / V40CC are compatible between each other

2/ Send your IAM module to us for complete software conversion including the latest software for USB map update possibility. You pay the real shipping costs back to you and 20,- Eur excl. VAT for the software update service. Adress is here: https://d5t5.com/article/contacts-d5t5-s-r-o

3/ You go to official Volvo dealer and you let them load the special Navigation conversion software for approx 160,- Eur excl. VAT.


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