VDD Dongle - additional heater will not turn on after “Turn additional heater on” has been clicked on in the D5T5 VDD mobile app

     - Check all Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) related to additional heater on the Service page in the VDD ApplicationVDD application, fix heater and clear DTCs, if there are any.

     - The car has to be configured properly to support parking heater remote control. Please check car setting in VDASH2

P2 platform:

- Check the setting of additional heater - “With Times and Additional heater” must be on



- “Parking regime time:PAL/VENT” should be set to PAL in your vehicle



P3 Platform:

- Check the setting of Additional heater - “Additional heater with timer” must be set

SPA/CMA Platform:

Check Clima and Heating -> Heater type -> Fuel Operated Heater with timer 





To change the setting of an additional heater visit your VDASH dealer. Dealers map

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