VDASH PRO is one year subscription with these benefits for you:

  • 25% discount off end user prices
  • all latest features what are we developing every day
  • free injector coding, custom service message, custom TFT boot screen for supported cars
  • advertise on D5T5.com and our other websites
  • local customer redirection from headoffice to your garage (if you are the nearest VDASH PRO dealer)
  • premium support from 9:00 - 16:00 for troubles with using VDASH and during using VDASH - like car doesn´t want to start after software upload
  • does NOT contain faster CEM / ECM PIN decoding or any other PIN decoding premium functions!
  • contains 3 PRO tickets / year

Price of VDASH PRO subscription?

VDASH PRO cost 400,- Eur excl. VAT / year


minimum turnover for last 3-months has to be 400,- Eur excl. VAT / month (then next month will be the account VDASH PRO)

How is it with premium support?

The support is intended only for supporting troubles with using VDASH. For example:

  • If you start uploading language change and car battery dies. In this case we help you ASAP.
  • If you upload engine optimization and car doesn´t want to start. In this case we help you ASAP.

What kind of questions are not answered in premium support mode:

  • How much cost this and this...
  • How can I read CEM with flash programmer...
  • When will be this and this function added into VDASH...
  • Is it possible to retrofit this and this into my car...

These questions will be answered in standard mode usually in max. 30-days (nothing guaranteed).
VDASH premium support is also not for retrofits like adding adaptive cruise control into car, where it was not from factory etc...

How to contact VDASH PRO premium support?

Please use question mark sign in VDASH in right upper corner and try to describe the trouble as best as you can - VIN of the car, what happend, what do you expect, how to contact you
Please use only ENGLISH or CZECH language, if you want to communicate with us. 
Remember, we live in Czech Republic and we are maybe sleeping in the time, when you operate... please be patient.

Should you buy VDASH PRO account?

If you can sell VDASH softwares at least for approx 40.000,- CZK / approx 1.600,- EUR excl. VAT per year, then yes, it is better for you to buy VDASH PRO, because you save money and you are covered with premium support and your company will be displayed in our map as VDASH PRO dealer.

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