Certain P3 Volvo cars are able to start engine from car key (both 5-button and 6-button) after change of the cars configuration. The cars and tutorial, how to start the engine is described below.


- the car must have an automatic transmission
- the car must be model year 2012 or newer (check the VIN code on the 10th position for C/D/E/F/G/H/I letter - like YV1BZ83A4C1139596 - or enter the VIN code into the main search field on the d5t5.com front page to decode)
- the car must have the engine that is supported - B4204x or D4204x or B6304T4 or B6324Sx or B5254T12 or B5254T14 or B5204T8 or B5204T9 or B4164Tx or B4162Tx
- 4-cylinders Volvo VEA engines are supported all - diesel and petrol (typically cars MY14 or newer)
- V40/V40CC are not supported for remote engine start - it is possible to enable remote heater start only (it the car is equipped)

Preconditions to be able start the engine remotely:

- enough fuel (at least 1/4 fuel tank)
- enough coolant and no DTC for cooling system
- enough battery level (if the battery is too low, it will not work)
- gear selector in P position
- hand brake applied
- all windows closed
- all doors and bonet closed
- car must be locked stationary and engine must be OFF

How to start engine:

1. push shortly LOCK button on your remote control
2. immediately push and hold LAMP button on your remote control for approx 5s
- now the turn indicators should flash and at the end it should glow approx 5s and then the engine starts
- if your turn indicators are not flashing, then you are probably out of range and you need to get closer to the car, or you made the procedure the wrong way, or there is some other problem
- if your turn indicators are flashing, but engine does not start, then some of the preconditions above are not fulfilled - check the DIM in the car for more information

How to enable remote engine start via car configuration:

1/ unlock CEM PIN for your car - https://d5t5.com/article/volvo-cem-pin-code

2/ go to Car configuration and follow the screenshots

3/ after successful change of both items: lock car for 5-min > unlock > start engine for at least 10s > lock car again for 5-min... after this procedure the remote engine start should work according the tutorial above


SPA/CMA cars:

Car must be configured: Clima and Heating->Remote engine start precondidioning->From Smartphone App



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