Rebuild kit for the front brakes in Volvo S/V60s with the original diameter 300-mm.

Parts used from V60 D6 with a diameter 336-mm.

Part numbers needed for complete rebuild:

  • 2 pcs belt holder: 8603758 
  • Brake calliper PP: 36000375
  • Brake calliper LP: 36000376
  • 2 pcs brake tube: 31305088
  • 2 pcs spring calliper: 30671593
  • Metal covering disc PP: 30681690
  • Metal covering disc LP: 30681691 
  • 2 pcs disc 336-mm for Volvo S/V60
  • Pack of brake pads pro 336-mm for Volvo S/V60

Rims smaller than 17” cannot be used after this installation!

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