TFT DIM Retrofit Platform P3 series (S/V60, XC60, S80II, XC/V70III)

All older P3 cars originally equipped with this type of the instrument cluster (DIM)


can be replaced with nicer TFT DIM (which was factory fitted in the MY14 and newer P3 cars):

Short intro:

Video tutorial is here:

Before you start with TFT retrofit, please read carefully known issues - at the end of this page.

The following text will guide you thru the entire conversion procedure:

Required tools:

  • T25 Torx screw driver
  • Flat hard plastic piece (fishbone tool) or flat head screw driver
  • Laptop with Windows 7 or later and .NET framework 4.x installed
  • VDASH 2.0 (downloadable from
  • Car battery charger capable of 10 – 15A
  • Stable internet connection
  • used or new TFT DIM from car S/V60, XC60, S80II, XC/V70III model year 2014 - 2017 (the unit from V40 series can only be used in V40 cars - it has different mechanical shape than x60, x70, x80)
    • make sure that you located the TFT DIM that matches the transmission type of the target car - Automatic (PRND display) or Manual (+ Gear -) on the right side of the display. Diesel/petrol fuel type of the donor car does NOT matter.
  • The items below apply only to MY13 and older cars:
    • Twisted pair wire (1m)
    • 2 pcs. Volvo original repair terminal (P/N 30656697) or 2 used terminals from white DIM Volvo connector (all Volvo cars MY05 and up have it)
    • 2 pcs. UB2A Scotchlok by 3M
    • Universal multimeter


    1. Install VDASH on the computer and register your account.
    2. Connect Car battery charger.
    3. Temporarily remove Horn fuse (15A - XC60: Fuse 29, other models: TBD).
    4. Connect DICE to OBD port, make sure the green LED is blinking. Connect the USB cable.
    5. Set the car into ignition mode II (press the Start/Stop button for 3 seconds without brake pedal).
    6. Open VDASH2.0 and log into your account and wait till VDASH pre-detects your car.
    7. Press Decode CEM, please note that this process can take up to 24 hours (12 hours in average). When the Decode process is completed an email will be sent to email registered with the account. You can always pause the decoding and resume later. This is one-time process. Once the CEM PIN is decoded, you will be able to make other configuration changes beside TFT retrofit too.
    8. When the decoding phase is finished, charge your account with credit. This can be done through the money icon. Credit card or Paypal are accepted.
    9. Then press the Connect button (with VIN), the main screen will be presented.
    10. Choose Car Configuration, which brings you to a screen titled “Car configuration wizard”, then choose "TFT retrofit" wizard. Make sure your original DIM is still connected.
    11. Wizard starts, VDASH will backup the old DIM and will show below screen when done.
    12. Should you have forgotten to decrypt CEM PIN, VDASH will remind you at this point and will continue with the decoding of the PIN, if not finished yet
    13. Turn off the ignition and start the actual swap of the instrument cluster:
    14. Lower steering column to the lowest position for easier removal of the cover in front of the instrument cluster, pull this cover and put aside.
    15. Unscrew 4 Torx T25
    16. Insert a fishbone tool between the dash and instrument cluster top edge. Push the latch down and pull the entire cluster towards you.
    17. Disconnect the connector which is on the left back side (MY14 and newer cars do have the wiring from the factory, skip the wiring section)
      1. Push out the little blue plastic "notch", use tiny screwdriver.
      2. The 2 new repair terminals (Volvo P/N 30656697 or used ones) need to be inserted into positions 7 and 8 in the white DIM connector. Push the terminals until you can hear the click. Return the blue plastic "notch". If the terminals are not properly seated, the "notch" does not seat too.
      3. Unmount the OBD connector (there are 1 or 2 Torx T25 screws, depending on the car type).
      4. Route the new twisted-pair wiring as the following:
        • DIM pin 7 <---> OBD pin 6 (blue-black wire)
        • DIM pin 8 <---> OBD pin 14 (green-black wire)
      5. Use 3M UB2A Scotchlok ("splitter") to connect the additional wires to the existing OBD wiring. Do NOT use "cheapo" splitters as they are of a poor quality. Alternatively you may carefuly solder the wires too.
    18. Reconnect the DiCE, start car in ignition mode II and open VDASH on your laptop. Go to the Car configuration wizard and choose the TFT retrofit option again.
    19. VDASH searches for the TFT DIM now. If all the connections are good, the update process will continue. If not, double check your wiring using multimeter.
    20. The car will be restarted multiple times and at the end of the process you will see the image of the car, fuel gauge, etc. Fuel gauge may show incorrect values at the very beginning. After a short test drive, the fuel gauge should show the correct level. The original mileage will be retrieved from the car.
    21. Finally, you may need to change the language (thru DIM box: Set DIM language and Set DIM language by PID). You may also readjust the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) volume.
    22. Reset the Service interval thru Clear SRI button (only if the conversion was not done properly).
    23. Set DIM Time if the clock is not set properly yet.
    24. Clear the trouble codes - Clear DTCs.
    25. Return the Horn fuse.
    26. Finish the installation of the TFT DIM (4pcs. Torx T25), cover and refit the OBD connector.
    27. Test drive. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge. Check everything once again.

You can scroll the Themes only when the engine is started (for no obvious reason). The default theme is Elegance (grey or brown). It si possible to reprogram only this one to the blue style - R-design (thru Car configuration > Advanced settings > Advanced TFT DIM settings > Screen skins > DIM: R-design menu). The Eco and Power themes stay unchanged.

Known bugs and limitations:

  • non-Sensus cars (S80, V/XC70III, XC60 up to -MY11)
    • Eco/Power indicators do not work at all or do not show sensible information
    • DSTC (ESC) cannot be turned off
    • Manual transmission +/- indicators may not work
    • The Clock can be only set thru VDASH (after battery is disconnected or when summer/winter time changes)
    • Service interval can be reset thru VDASH, not thru any other diagnostic software
  • Sensus cars (S60/V60 MY11-MY13, S80, V/XC70III, XC60 - MY12-MY13
    • Eco/Power indicators may not work depending on MY and the engine type
    • DSTC (ESC) cannot be turned off (it displays in ICM, but cannot be modified)
    • Manual transmission +/- indicators may not work
    • Service interval can be reset thru VDASH, not thru any other diagnostic software

  • early P3 (S80 MY07) cars - may not start after the reftrofit (with "Steering lock Service required" or similar messages). The fixup is as following:

1. temporarily unplug the new wiring (from the white DIM connector) and get the original DIM connected
2. start the car (SCL - steering column lock should normally disengage)
3. while the engine is running, unplug the original DIM, insert the new pins (wiring) again and plug TFT DIM - no worries, this is safe
4. stop the engine, lock the car
5. the SCL won't engage anymore (until you plug the original DIM in). This is actually pretty good thing, the SCL do wear out over the time. Yours won't.


Credits: Jamie Chen, Peter Jonsson

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