Would it be possible to upgrade my cars [V60 2011] sound system to a IAM 2.1 level 2 then download the software from vdash so i can have bluetooth and upgrade the screen to a 7 inch screen if i want later? I have the basic sound now.

I bought the level 2 IAM but it dont have the port that i made a circle around in the attached picture.
Does that mean i cant use the level 2 without the amplifier under the seat?
Can i upgrade the screen if i use a level 1 instead of the level 2 so i dont have to buy the amplifier?
Or have i gotten all this wrong?

Ok i think i get it now, if i want to upgrade the IAM i must buy the amplifier that is under the driver seat?
Do you guys have any plans for a guide that shows how to install the factory amplifier wiring or do you know of any other guide if not?

Yes, it is possible. I recommend to buy the units from S/V60 2011-2014. Then just decode CEM PIN with VDASH, change configuration and remove MOST security with VDASH.

Yes, you need the amplifier. You can get the info about wiring etc. from VIDA. Sorry, but we dont give that kind of support. When you install all components, then we can help you to make it work.


Model V60

Year 2011

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