I want to turn off EGR at several Volvo with P3 Plattform. If I buy Dash Pro for a full year then I will be able to do EGR, DPF and Tuning by myself when I buy the files and pay the 400.- EUR yearly subscription?

I do not need to get the ECM Pin from somewhere else?

Entry fee is described here: https://d5t5.com/article/vdash-pro-account

Decode ECM PIN is possible for now only by ECM Reload or Upgrade from official Volvo VIDA. But we are planning to add support for bench decoding with our UCBP programmer until end of this year: https://d5t5.com/eshop/detail/45/vea-ecm-unlock-adaptor-ucbp

You pay for every software download / VIN.

Model XC70/XC60 ETC

Year 2008/2012

Platform P3

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