Hello. I'm having trouble decoding my cem in my 2014 v60 d6. Decode will start and progress about 5-20mins and after that "read error 1215" quickly flashes on screen and then "vdash was unable to read cem unexpected error" pops up.

Decoding still seems to progress in small chunks (about 33% ready when writing this ticket).

Laptop that im using is connected via ethernet and has a stable connection and the car is connected to a 25A charger.

Im using dice and it seems to work with other cars in vdash and vida (i have programmed some p2 cars with same laptop and dice).

This behaviour happens when the DiCE is not working properly - for communication intensive CEM decoding, no matter if the selftest passes correctly.

Grab another DiCE, if possible. Sometimes changing MiniUSB cable might help too.


Model V60

Year 2014

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