I have a 2007 (P2) XC70 which was equipped with the halogen headlamps. I want to equip the vehicle with ABL Bi-Xenon headlamps. I have found the parts listed in the configuration list, and have a few questions.

If I have a remote fuel filler, and front/rear fog lamps on my LSM. I have not found an LSM with those switches, and headlight adjustment wheel. Do you have a part number, or can the fuel filler operate another way?

if you upgrade headlights in your car to ABL (bending lights), then you need these parts:

1/ HCM from any P2 2005-2011 (but not from V8 or 3,2!) - located under driver seat - 2x CAN, 2x LIN, +12, GND
2/ ABL headlights
3/ angle sensor for rear axle + wiring into REM
4/ LSM without adjustment wheel
5/ CEM PIN + car configuration

There does not exist combinatioén with ABL and manual setting of headlamp.

VIN YV4SZ592771

Model XC70

Year 2007

Platform P2

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