Generic J2534 device support


For many years we supported only DiCE units in VDASH for diagnostics and ECU programming. DiCE hardware is well-tested and proven. Genuine DiCE are perfectly good, some Chinese clone may suffer from quality issues - leaving certain VDASH operations impossible or unstable.

These days we're bringing the support of generic J2534 devices into VDASH. There're plenty of various devices on the market, we started with affordable VXDIAG (VCM II - Rotunda Diagnostics). The basic diagnostics seem to work, the DIM languages have been tested too. The overall functionality is briefly the same, still we do see some performance penalties (e.g. P3 CEM pin decoding is 3-5x slower than with DiCE), also DIM loading is slower than usually, including all the reading functions. The best performance seems to be with the P3 cars (using industry standard ISO protocol, except the decoding functionality listed above).

Again - all these functions are still is the development and testing. Your mileage may vary. We will listen to your success/failure reports.

Currently (May-2020) we only support the following J2534 hardware:

J2534 DLL version: 04.04.180926
J2534 FW version: or

upgrade the firmware to the latest version using the downloads here:

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